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Strawberry 16 OZ Glass Tumbler

Strawberry 16 OZ Glass Tumbler

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Glass Tumbler Care: 

• Hand wash with with warm water and gentle soap
• Dry IMMEDIATELY with a dry cloth
• Store in a cool place
• Not Dishwasher safe
• Allow to fully dry in between usage & storing
• Remove rubber ring for careful cleaning

Comes with: tumbler, lid, straw, and care instructions.

Imagine a sleek and eco-friendly 16 oz glass tumbler cup, adorned with vibrant strawberry permanent vinyl. This beautifully designed cup features a sustainable bamboo lid, adding a touch of natural elegance to its modern aesthetic.


Included with the tumbler is a thoughtful set of care instructions, ensuring its longevity and optimal use. Additionally, a sturdy glass straw accompanies the cup, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages sustainably.


This tumbler embodies both style and practicality, making it an ideal companion for your daily hydration needs or as a thoughtful gift.

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