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Be Kind to Your Mind 16 OZ Glass Tumbler

Be Kind to Your Mind 16 OZ Glass Tumbler

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Glass Tumbler Care: 

• Hand wash with with warm water and gentle soap
• Dry IMMEDIATELY with a dry cloth
• Store in a cool place
• Not Dishwasher safe
• Allow to fully dry in between usage & storing
• Remove rubber ring for careful cleaning

Comes with: tumbler, lid, straw, and care instructions.

Visualize a sophisticated 16 oz glass tumbler cup, featuring a serene message "Be Kind to Your Mind" in elegant purple permanent vinyl. The cup is complemented by a sustainable bamboo lid, adding a touch of natural beauty to its design.


Included with the tumbler are comprehensive care instructions, ensuring it remains pristine and functional for years to come. A durable glass straw accompanies the set, allowing for eco-friendly sipping while enjoying your favorite beverages.


This tumbler not only promotes mindfulness but also embodies practicality and style, making it a perfect choice for daily use or as a thoughtful gift that encourages self-care and sustainability

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